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Roulette Wheel Strategy – Is There One?

If you are looking for the REAL deal, then you need to learn from a master, not some dusty old book or random internet roulette guide that you picked up off the newspaper. I have been studying roulette wheel strategy for many years and have come across many very successful players that will NEVER fail to give you the most precise picks EVER! They all have one thing in common: discipline and the ability to see past the trends. This is what separates the pretenders from the winners. And if you ever want to become a winner, you need to have this knowledge and be able to apply it when guessing on the wheel.

roulette wheel strategy

The REAL Deal: This roulette wheel strategy ONLY works for use on live roulette wheels at live land-based casinos, in actual casino conditions. This won’t work for all type of roulette games, live dealer games or RNG. It works because you are able to “see” the ball travel where the spin is suppose to. For example, if a ball is spinning twice as it would normally, it would seem that you may have a very good chance of doubling your money. But, if the ball travels two times as fast as it would normally, you’re probably just losing more money than you are earning.

Does this mean that all bets are lost after the first spin? No. What it does mean is that your chances of winning decrease with every bet you make. So, what is the best roulette wheel strategy for playing online roulette games? Make ALL your bets, and then win BIG!

There are many different roulette strategies you can use, but the best strategies are those that actually work. Some strategies are better than others. Some of these strategies are more successful than others. And some strategies are simply impossible. For example, the best roulette strategy for a player who is not experienced is the one that never bets on the first roll of the wheel, and always bets at the end of each game.

The second best way to play is the way that almost every casino does it. That is, they all play the roulette wheel the same way. In most cases (though not always), slots are wheeled the same way as well. Most of the time, the only difference is that people who play slots play them “natively” – without any luck. For this reason, the best way to play is the same everywhere – same with roulette.

The last roulette wheel strategy we will discuss is the best way to beat the house when playing roulette games online. Many people don’t realize it, but there is a way to beat the house even when playing from home. The way to do this is to bet more on the cheaper hands. Why is that? Simply because it’s easier to get out than it is to get in on a small pot.

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